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September 2018
The Quiet Hours
Very dear Friend,
As the warm and sultry days of summer fade into the welcome days of cool October, another season, the last of this year, begins. The busy holiday season is approaching. As the active days of summer leave us, we can withdraw to the quiet warmth of our homes, and enjoy the peace of being alone with God. It is in these quiet hours alone with our own thoughts that we find Him. When we retreat from the flood of information that is constantly before us daily, and we let go of the world and work just to know God better, we can find healing taking place that we did not expect. Often I have found that simply reading to know God better, I have realized later that little aggravating problems that had been part of each day simply were not there any more. I couldn’t remember when they left, but they were gone. I have also found that very challenging problems have slowly yielded to prayerful work when I simply spend a quiet time each day and pray just to understand God better. Cool fall days give us the opportunity to give special thought to our study of Christian Science.
Ann Beals – October 2011
          In her 1962 Association Address titled “Christian Science the Final Answer”, Pauline B. Rader states: “The longer I study Christian Science, the more convinced I become that healings are delayed, or seem in some instances not to appear, because Christian Scientists are not thorough enough in their efforts to replace every suggestion of evil with a divine fact. There is a tendency to feel that, if one hears of error being rampant in a corner of the globe remote from one’s own experience, he can shrug it off as not being his concern. This is far from the fact. Since we know that thought is a power and a force in the world, we should know that any circumstance or condition that comes to our notice, or is presented to us for acceptance, must be dealt with as vigorously and thoroughly as though it were our own experience. The fact is that if we are admitting that error is going on anywhere, and leaving it unchallenged, we are virtually saying that there is some place or some condition where God is not, or does not have power. Such an admission opens the door for error to try to assert itself in some problem that appears as our own. The moment Christian Scientists accept this challenge and meet it, a great change will take place in the world.”
          Later in the address she states: “Habakkuk declared: ‘Thou are of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity’ [1:13]; – then mortal mind got hold of his thinking, and he goes on to say: ‘wherefore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously?’ Now, isn’t that what often happens to us? We make a positive statement of Truth, and then mortal mind tries to assert itself with its contradictions, doubts, and fears.
          We can’t mix things. Unless we are standing on Principle, and maintaining that thought operates according to the divine Mind, we are not practicing Christian Science. You can only stand for Truth, and, standing for it, you will benefit by it.”

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Pauline B. Rader Addresses:
In an effort to help recapture some of the “spirit” of the early years of The Movement,
The Bookmark presents:
Mary Baker Eddy’s Published Writings (in addition to those in “Prose Works”) (1895-1910) otherwise known as “The Yellow Book”
In Mrs. Eddy’s day, The Journal was (among other things) a forum for her to publicly:
Publish letters and reply to letters sent to her
Reprint newspaper articles she deemed fit
Refute false and misleading articles published in the day’s newspapers
Set policy (establish Sunday School etc.)
Announce church dedications
Give testimonies
And to present many other ideas she deemed appropriate.
Many references are made related to Science & Healthand Prose Works where applicable, so keep these handy.
I find this book provides a glimpse into the energy and vibrancy of the times, when there was so much hope, revelation and healing.
For more information on “The Yellow Book”:
In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and The Remnant of Her Seed
This compilation of Paul R. Smillie’s articles, written over 2 decades, is a must-have for any serious Christian Scientist. He explains in depth why it is important to recognize Mary Baker Eddy’s place in prophecy, using her own words and many Biblical passages, and the consequences of little or no recognition. Articles included are:
Loving Our Leader
The Father, the Prodigal, and the Citizen
Our Leader’s Demonstration of Generic Man
Does God Know Mary Baker Eddy and Christ Jesus?
Christian Scientists and the Child Court Cases
Gratitude or Indifference – Love or Deification?

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In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and The Remnant of Her Seed
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