Bringing You The Finest Collection of Early and Contemporary Works On Christian Science, since 1980.


Welcome to a new adventure of the mind. Never before has the Word of God been presented with such power to heal, protect and transform your life. Whether you are new to Christian Science or have studied it for many years, these books, papers, and recordings will open up a world of thought unlike any you have known before. They will bring you healing and regeneration, and become a haven of peace and hope in a confused and troubled world. This collection is a treasure-trove of early and contemporary works on Christian Science that can take you to a new level of spirituality.

Christian Science is far more than a modern religion that practices faith healing. It heals through an understanding of the spiritual laws underlying Christ Jesus healing works making it the most powerful form of intelligence on earth today.

When Mary Baker Eddy discovered Christian Science, she founded a Cause to educate the world in a very advanced scientific and religious discovery. She published the textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and other writings all based on the Bible. She also established periodicals and Bible Lessons,  appointed lecturers, teachers, and practitioners who did healing work. In addition to this, she taught classes, and enabled her students to become teachers themselves.

The Christian Science movement spread rapidly because of the healing effect her discovery had on the receptive mind. From the time the movement began to gather momentum, the early workers taught classes and wrote addresses for their students, contributed articles to the periodicals and delivered lectures throughout the world. As their understanding of Christian Science deepened, their writings became increasingly profound.

Thus the twentieth century produced a vast collection of metaphysical literature unlike any the world has ever known. Waiting within the pages of these writings are the basic and advanced teachings that Christ Jesus gave his disciples, and Mrs. Eddy gave her students. These books and papers are the best of the past.

As you understand the truth they present, you can heal through prayer alone. This healing talent comes through a progressive education in Christian Science starting with elementary teachings, and leading you ever deeper into an understanding of God and your relationship with Him. This education is mainly self-taught which means your own study of this Science enables you to be increasingly successful in overcoming sickness, disease, lack, and every kind of adversity. The resources on this website are the key to this supreme intelligence.

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Christian Science in the 21st Century

Talk 1 – Introduction
Talk 2 – CS In The 21st Century
Talk 3 – Prayer, Our Protection From Mind Control
Talk 4 – Entering The Spiritual Realm
Talk 5 – The Healing Power of Gods Laws
Series 1 – Conclusion