Charles Francis Stocking

Mr. Stocking’s literary talent was fostered by early association with both small town and metropolitan newspaper work. This was followed by college training, where he specialized in mathematics, literature, and Scriptural origins. He was a newspaper correspondent, teacher, university secretary, author, lecturer, publisher, and mining and metallurgical engineer. He was sent twice to the jungle of Columbia, South America, in search of lost Spanish gold mines.

For a time, he was engaged in motion picture work in California where his story “The Mayor of Filbert” was filmed. Following this, he devoted himself to special writing, and was very successful. His books were recognized throughout the world. They created widespread interest because of their unusual plots, their dramatic qualities, and especially for their unlimited helpfulness to mankind.

There is no record as to when or how he found Christian Science, but he received class instruction from Ms. Bauer, of Chicago, Illinois. His profound understanding of Science, coupled with his background in writing, enabled him to write several books based on Christian Science. These are proving to be timeless, as the two books here prove.