Dr. John M. Tutt

 Dr. Tutt was a medical doctor before he found Christian Science and was healed of severe mental and physical problems. His testimony was published in The Christian Science Journal of June of 1911. He became a Christian Science practitioner in 1912. After going through Normal Class in 1916, he taught classes and held an association annually until 1966. He was a Christian Science lecturer from 1918 until 1948. Dr. Tutt served The Board of Directors of The Mother Church in many capacities, including teaching the Normal Class of 1943. He contributed many articles to the periodicals. His outstanding work as practitioner, teacher, author, and lecturer is still remembered by many today. He was one of the most highly respected workers in the Field when the Church was most prosperous. As a teacher, he printed and distributed copies of his association addresses to his students each year, leaving us a legacy of many timeless papers that bear his unique presentation of Christian Science.