Frances Thurber Seal

Frances Thurber Seal came from a family that had been deeply religious for many generations. Her experiences with tragedies in her family, beginning in childhood, caused her to search the Scriptures for some purpose for man’s existence. Finding no answers, she felt there was no purpose for living. In this sense of futility, she was impelled to attend a service in a Christian Science church in New York City. Following that she talked with Laura Lathrop, a teacher in New York, and  was loaned a copy of No and Yes, by Mrs. Eddy. After reading it, she found herself completely healed of several serious physical problems. She then attended class with Mrs. Lathrop and joined the Church.

Mrs. Lathrop then asked her to introduce Christian Science to Germany. So, Miss Seal spent almost ten years in Europe, and introduced Christian Science not only to Germany, but to other parts of Europe as well. After returning to America, she went into the healing practice and became a teacher. In time, she wrote Christian Science in Germany, which remains a book of great inspiration for many today.

We are fortunate to have three of her association addresses, for they are not only inspiring, but very educational, in that she shares how she worked to achieve success in her mission and in her healing work.