“Holiday Blessings”   

    This message was originally composed and sent in December of 2009 by Ann Beals

Holiday Blessings to You

From The Bookmark

Dear Friend,

Once again those of us at The Bookmark want to wish you and your family a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

In this time of quiet rejoicing, it is comforting to know that Christianity is recognized as one of the largest religions on earth today. It fulfills Christ Jesus words, “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.” And they haven’t! Through God’s care, Christianity has peacefully spread and is still spreading throughout the world, finding acceptance in many countries around the world.

Please join me in heart-felt gratitude for the fact that we have the ultimate gift – the Science of God, our Leader’s precious gift to us all. Surely our Leader’s revelation is also in God’s keeping. Its future is bright with a divine promise that will be recognized as the world comes to learn of its healing power.

Christmas was a special day for Mrs. Eddy. She once wrote, “The star that looked lovingly down on the manger of our Lord, lends its resplendent light to this hour: the light of Truth to cheer, guide, and bless man as he reaches forth for the infant idea of divine perfection dawning upon human imperfection, — that calms man’s fears, bears his burdens, beckons him on to Truth and Love and the sweet immunity these bring from sin, sickness, and death.” Miscellaneous Writings page 320.

On page 262 of Miscellany. she tells us, “I love to observe Christmas in quietude, humility, benevolence, charity, letting good will towards man, eloquent silence, prayer, and praise express my conception of Truth’s appearing.”

I hope you enjoy spending time with family and friends this holiday season. Those of us at The Bookmark wish you a Christmas of peace. I hope this coming year brings you a closer and deeper relationship with God which will bring out the healing talent latent within us all. We wish you peace and joy and a very prosperous New Year. And we also want to thank you for your continued support of The Bookmark.

What a great gift the years have given us, and now we can go forward to use this gift to bless a world so in need of it.

Happy Holidays to you!!


Ann Beals



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