Israel Pickens

 After being healed of tuberculosis in Christian Science, Mr. Pickens became a devoted follower of Mrs. Eddy. In 1916, he had primary class instruction with Bliss Knapp, and entered the public practice in Mobile, Alabama. In 1922, he went through the Normal Class with Frank Gale, and became an authorized teacher. During the fifty years that he was in the practice, Mr. Pickens contributed over one hundred articles to the Christian Science periodicals. A deep understanding of the Bible shines through all of Mr. Pickens’ association addresses, along with his heartfelt belief that Mrs. Eddy was the Woman of Prophecy. He saw the direct relationship between the acknowledgement of Mrs. Eddy’s place in prophecy and our progress in understanding her revelation.

In his association addresses, Mr. Pickens has given us warm and inspiring thoughts that focus on interpretations of the Bible in the light of Christian Science, and on our Leader’s place in prophecy. He draws upon the Scriptures to illustrate the theme of his association addresses, blending together Bible passages with selections from Mrs. Eddy’s writings. Each address gives new meaning to these books. The beauty of his papers is found in the clear, simple style in which he presents many profound statements of Truth.