Laura Sargent

 Mrs. Sargent came into Christian Science through a healing of severe illness. She and her sister, Victoria, helped build the very first Christian Science world-wide in Oconto, Wisconsin. From 1890 to 1910 Mrs. Sargent was totally devoted to doing all she could to help Mrs. Eddy. She was a metaphysical worker, having been taught by Mrs. Eddy in four of her classes. As head of the household, she insured that everything ran smoothly. For over twenty-five years she was at Mrs. Eddy’s side day and night.

After Mrs. Eddy’s passing, she was the first woman to teach the Normal Class. She served The Mother church in several capacities, including the Business Committee and the Bible Lesson Committee. Because of her many years with our Leader, Mrs. Sargent’s class teaching brings out so clearly the fact that Truth is a subjective unfoldment, the inner coming to light of spiritual understanding already present in consciousness, right here, right now. This transcript also includes a brief biography of Laura and Victoria Sargent.