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Dear Friend,

As you know, the mental atmosphere of the world today is deeply stirred. It seems that both Mrs. Eddy and Christ Jesus could foresee that this tremendous upheaval in the world would eventually come about. In Miscellaneous Writings, our Leader writes, “Science has inaugurated the irrepressible conflict between sense and Soul. Mortal thought wars with sense as one that beateth the air, but Science outmasters it and ends the warfare. This proves daily that ‘one on God’s side is a majority'” (Page 102). Mrs. Eddy once told a student, “Christian Science is touching human consciousness here and there and changing it, and the human mind does not know what is producing the change.” This mental change has been going on for over a century now and perhaps we are witnessing evil’s resistance to its own destruction and loss of power.

There are so many issues facing us today, it may seem that just a few praying may not have much of a healing impact, but if we are unified in our work, our prayerful efforts can have a very healing effect on world conditions. Mrs. Eddy once told a Primary Class she was teaching, “We, to-day, in this class-room, are enough to convert the world if we are of one Mind; for then the whole world would feel the influence of this Mind; as when the earth was without form, and Mind spake and form appeared.” Miscellaneous Writings page 279.

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What can you do to work best for the world and yourself? If you haven’t already, you can learn to give a good Christian Science treatment. I learned about the treatment when I took Class Instruction. I was told it originated with Mrs. Eddy, and I have found it to be very powerful and effective in handling animal magnetism. Many Christian Scientists have called me or written me to tell me how helpful they have found this treatment. While your spiritual journey is solely between you and God, The Bookmark publications are selected to provide the light that makes the journey inspiring, the path smoother, and the walk easier. They are an advanced education in the Word of God, taking you beyond the simple truth of an elementary study of this Science into the spiritual light that will help you meet today’s challenges. If you haven’t seen our website, visit thebookmark.com and learn about the many inspiring works like Christian Science Treatment available through The Bookmark.

Often Christian Scientists who are no longer members of their local church will say, “I feel so alone.” Was anyone so alone as Christ Jesus when he faced the crucifixion, or Mrs. Eddy in the early days of founding the Cause? However, you are not alone. Many students of Christian Science worldwide are praying daily, for the world. This message is to ask you to do this daily work, and to reassure you that it is an important part of the collective metaphysical work healing world consciousness.

Mrs. Eddy brought to the world the promised Comforter and restored to humanity the healing power of prayer. Your daily prayerful work, going out into world consciousness, is essential. We should never underestimate the power of this prayerful work for the world and ourselves. With it we can face evil and handle it. We can recognize that disturbed world consciousness is nothing more than a claim of animal magnetism with no power or reality. Such mental work can bring healing to the world. Mrs. Eddy once wrote to a student, “Love is a mighty spiritual force.” It is our deep, heart-felt love and compassion for others that will help to meet the present mental turmoil and heal the world of the worst forms of domination, cruelty, and selfishness.

Our work for the world will bless everyone, and we do not need to be organized to do this. We can be silently unified and dedicated to this prayerful work, constantly affirming God’s allness and vigorously denying, with strength and confidence, the unreality of animal magnetism. This simple prayer is very powerful and very effective.

 We can build together a world-wide bond of metaphysical work praying daily for the world. If we commit to this daily work, and feel deeply motivated through our love and compassion for those dear people who are experiencing the belief of a life of poverty and domination, this heart-felt love will do much to break the mental bonds that bind them.

Peace on earth will come when world consciousness is filled with the Science of God, and the divine Principle, Love becomes the governing power. Therefore, our work for the world needs to be constant. As we pray tirelessly for the peace the world longs for, this spiritualized thought will continue to go forth and change world consciousness. By working in this way, you can become one of an army of metaphysicians praying for universal freedom, equality, human rights, justice, and peace for all mankind. Perhaps in the present world conditions, God is working His purpose out. In a verse from Ezekiel 21:27, we read: “I will overturn, overturn, overturn it, and it shall be no more, until he comes whose right it is; and I will give it him.” In Miscellaneous Writings, Mrs. Eddy writes, “Error is only fermenting, and its heat is hissing at the ‘still, small voice’ of Truth; but it can neither silence nor disarm God’s voice. Spiritual wickedness is standing in high places; but blind to its own fate, it will tumble into the bottomless.” (page 134) We can have absolute faith that our daily prayerful work will reach the receptive mind and bring healing to our world. “…The habitual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16

God bless you my friend,


Note: This is a revised version of a Newsletter sent in 2009


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