The Bookmark Newsletter V.151 May 2017


Very dear Friend,       

For the past 36 years, The Bookmark has published and promoted the teachings, writings and reminiscences of many early workers in the Christian Science movement. With the exception of very well-known teachers like Bicknell Young and Martha Wilcox, I have been surprised by how quickly many of the others have faded from memory. Perhaps you do remember Ames Nowell, Lillian DeWaters and Irma Stewart, and Doris Grekel, to name a few.

The Bookmark recently acquired a limited number of out-of-print books by these authors. These books may not contain the comprehensive metaphysics of the association addresses we have been publishing lately, but they each have their own unique charm reminiscent of an era long since gone.  Listed below are the books available:

By Irma Stewart:

          The Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes – small booklet 48 pages. Thoughts on the spiritual nature of these commands and teachings.   $2.95

           Job  His Spiritual Value – small HC book 79 pages.

An analysis of the stages of thinking Job progresses through during his affliction until reaching his spiritual realization of all things.  $3.95

           Annotations from John  – small HC book 63 pages.

A verse by verse interpretation of the Gospel of John.  $3.95


By Lillian De Waters:

            Journeying Onward – small HC book 40 pages.

A fable of a minister’s discussion with a young girl illustrating her unassailable grasp of the basic truths of Christian Science.   $2.95


By Ames Nowell:

Mary Baker Eddy – Her Revelation of Divine Egoism

HC book  264 pages.

An explanation of Christian Science through the concept of the egoism of God or the uncertainty of the existence of anything other than God. Questions at the end of each chapter for review.  $14.95


By Doris Grekel:

         Principle and Practice – SC 343 pages

Articles written by Doris Grekel over a five year period starting in 1965. Some subjects addressed are: The Ambiguity of Being, Money, What Is Real?, Gravity Control, and others.  $9.95


By James F. Gilman:

Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy  Hard Cover

92 pages.   Mr. Gilman tells of the many spiritual lessons he had while   working with Mrs. Eddy in 1893. Included are many of her letters to him. $5.95


On a more current note: Now available is the latest collection of Association Addresses by Josiah Merriman (Volume V).

In this transcript, he writes: “Truth is forever forcing us to fulfill the law of progress. The truth dawns; we get understanding; we are enlightened. We saw the truth; we saw the solution of our problems. Under this better visibility of Spirit, we conquer as we see. The so-called problems become opportunities. This enables us to prove with scientific certainty the rule of harmony,  the rule of healing.

Thus, we come; we see; and we conquer.”



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