The Bookmark Newsletter V.153 July 2017


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         As most of us know, members of the scientific community have announced that there is no solid matter in the universe. All is consciousness. Emerging from this conclusion, is a growing effort to consider God as the ultimate cause and creator. It seems that a spiritual dimension is quietly emerging because many physicists are working to define this hidden cause as having a spiritual Godlike nature in order to explain what the universe is and how it works and how it came about. To quote physicist Evan Walker, PhD., “We have fathomed the relationship between mind phenomena and quantum mechanics – between miracle and physics. In all of this, we can see the miracles of our faiths, which seemed to defy all reason, now lie within the grasp of understanding that these things do not violate the laws of the universe but rather form a part of a reality that bonds man, mind, and God together in a lawful and knowing universe. We can now understand that these miracles are the inevitable consequence of our own being.” 

Mr. Walker continues, “All of us have known the materialists’ vision of reality. All of us have spent our lives boxed up in it. Maybe now, some of us can see beyond this. Maybe now some of us can see the justification of faith. Maybe some of us can see deep in all of this the God of Abraham, see the Trinity, see miracles as more than myth in shaping who we are . . . We have seen that the discoveries of the 20th century have altered the view of reality as something that can be understood apart from the observer who is a part of that reality: we have been forced to abandon the concept of objective reality. After so many hints, we see that we must restructure our concepts of nature and put ourselves back in the picture. Finally, we see that we must understand consciousness, so obviously a part of reality, in order to understand fully any part of the design.” (Evan Harris Walker, The physics of consciousness (capitalization per book cover), Basic Books Perseus Book Group, NY 2000).

Statements like this are not from theologians but from physicists. Their discoveries have brought about a new foundation to reality. This idea of intelligent design is based on the theory that certain characteristics of living things could not have been the result of mindless evolution or designed without a supreme intelligence originating and creating the change. 

It is so interesting that in 1866, in a sermon titled “The Peoples Idea of God” Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “As we struggle through the cold night of physics, matter will become vague, and melt into nothing under the microscope of Mind.” 

The scientific conclusion has been offered that the intelligence and creativity underlying the universe must come from God. The idea is unfolding that there is a spiritual dimension in the universe, inhabited by God. The universal belief in matter is breaking up. It is unraveling day-by-day. It is being replaced by the recognition and acknowledgement of the presence of a divine cause.

To quote another well-known physicist, Phil Davies. in his book, God and the New Physics, he writes: “It would be foolish to deny that many of the traditional religious ideas about God, man, and the nature of the universe have been swept away by the new physics. It has overturned so many common-sense notions of space, time, and matter that no serious religious thinker can ignore it.” A Touchstone Book, Simon & Schuster, NY.

Very little, if any, thought was given to science in the early years of civilization. The early Greeks were trying to understand nature in scientific terms, and the early Christian Church taught that God was a rational God. Mankind began to reason that being a rational God, He must have created a rational universe, one we could understand. Thus, the scientific age began when man began searching for a way to understand what God had done.

Surely these first scientists could never have foreseen the blessings that were hidden in this scientific realm – electricity, refrigeration, the radio, television, and the cell phone, to name a few.

Even so, just as the scientific age has transformed our world, the spiritual dimension has hidden in it a great gift still mostly hidden in this invisible realm of Mind. This hidden realm will give to us the scientific explanation for the healing power of prayer. Two things are needed to consider any discovery to be scientific – logic and proof. As we come to understand the scientific structure of the healing power of prayer as Mary Baker Eddy gave it to us, we will have proof of its scientific logic through its healing results. Already there are thousands of healings on record as proof of its power to give to mankind a healing form of prayer.

When we understand the plan and purpose behind the mental stirring taking place throughout the world, it helps to relieve much of the anxiety that comes as we follow the events each day.

The Bookmark would like to recommend three books that show how Mrs. Eddy’s revelation relates to the scientific progress in physics. 


In the first book Christian Science and the Myth of Matter we read, “In 1875 Mary Baker Eddy wrote, ‘Atomic action is Mind not matter . . . and Science understood translates matter into Mind’ . . .” A century later, physicists began to acknowledge a supreme intelligence underlying the universe, one of such creativity, design, plan, order, and precision, that creation could not possibly be one of material causes. As they continue to press through the material universe into an invisible realm beyond the senses, they will find scientific proof that all is Mind, for the intangible and tangible realms are one as cause and effect. As the search for the meaning of this invisible realm grows, this book shows how Christian Science is the scientific key to it that everyone is looking for, because it gives a correct analysis of the one Mind behind the creation of the universe – known as God. If you are already familiar with this Science of God then this book will give you an even greater appreciation of Mrs. Eddy and the revelation she gave to the world.   This book explains how we have a way into this hidden realm and it reveals the great unexpected gift it holds for our world.


The Spiritual Nature of Reality

by Richard Claude Haw

75 pages

hard cover book


This deeply researched book shows how modern physics verifies Mrs. Eddy’s statement over a century ago — that there is no matter. Mr. Haw relates Christian Science to the medical world and gives examples of the progress of medicine and how the medical world is coming to regard the human mind as the cause of all illness. He shows how Christian Science transforms the mind and in doing so brings about healing. He includes in the book several examples of his own healing work in the handling of crime and terrorism in South Africa, where he was living before he passed on. Because of Mr. Haw’s ability to relate Christian Science to the present age, his book is especially helpful in turning to prayer for healing and protection. 


The Spiritual Dimension: A Key to the Hidden Cause of the Universe

by Ann Beals 

100 pages 

Hard cover book



Beyond the physical senses there is a spiritual realm. In recent years, the non-material nature of the universe and the presence of a spiritual cause have grown more certain in scientific fields. Religion and science seem to be resolving their   age-old differences. Mrs. Eddy’s discovery has given us an accurate definition of this spiritual realm, and shows that it is far more than a mental blueprint of a material creation. It is a spiritual power and presence that creates and governs the universe and man. As it continues to appear in the scientific discoveries today, it is becoming the foundation of a new age – the Spiritual Age. The Spiritual Dimension begins with some of the facts that show how scientific discoveries are bringing to light this hidden realm of Mind and it explains how it is inevitable that we will come to understand it and the healing power latent in it. 





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