Peter V. Ross

 In 1918, Mr. Ross was first listed as a practitioner in The Christian Science Journal, living in San Francisco, California. He was made a teacher in 1922 and appointed to lecture the same year. In the twenty years that he lectured, he gave 3,000 lectures to audiences that totaled 1,250,000 in attendance. He also taught a class each year and carried on a large practice, writing many of his patients and pupils, instructing, advising and encouraging them in their demonstration of Christian Science.

His many years of devoted service to the Cause resulted in his publishing a book of his letters to patients, titled Leaves of Healing, and a book of his lectures. In reading these many thoughts from his pen, it is easy to understand why he was so popular and so well-loved by many. His own love, compassion, and caring underlies all that he did and wrote, and such motives makes his written word forever appealing to those seeking enlightenment and healing.