A World of Thought, Not A World of Things – (Download)


by Martha Wilcox

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1945 address. Includes: Great Men and Woman; Sponsors for the Twentieth Century; “The Time for Thinkers Has Come”; A World of Thought, Not a World of Things; Body — The Embodiment of Ideas.

In this address, Mrs. Wilcox told her students: “When so-called material things are understood as divine ideas, then we have present, as divine ideas, the things which we need and desire as readily as we have present the thought about the things which we need and desire. In the measure that our human thought is illumined with divine ideas of God, or Mind, we are conscious of omnipresence, the availability, and tangibility of these ideas, and we experience infinite good at hand in the highest form that we can understand, and in the form that meets our human need.”