Association Addresses of Alfred Pittman Vol III


by  Alfred Pittman


55 pages



Mr. Pittman, in all of his writings, emphasizes the importance of working with the treatment. He discusses how important it is to learn how to give a good, healing treatment. Because of the years when these addresses were written, he often addresses the need to work for “the healing of the nations.” These addresses need careful study so that the deep thoughts in them can be absorbed and made our own. Mr. Pittman was an early teacher and served as a member of the Board of Directors of The Mother Church. His addresses are especially explicit on the need to do enough prayerful work for yourself. He writes about the treatment, the prayer of affirmation and denial, and he seems to understand so clearly the importance and significance of this new way to pray that our Leader gave us.

Association Addresses in Vol. III are:

• Claiming God’s Inexhaustible Good Through The Spiritual Talents Within – Address of 1953
• Finding Abundance Through The Power of Prayer – Address of 1954

Alfred Pittman is well remembered as an outstanding early worker in the movement. He took Primary Class from Bicknell Young and became a practitioner in Chicago. He then took Normal Class from George Shaw Cook and continued his practice in Chicago until he was called to Boston to be Publisher’s Agent for Mrs. Eddy’s books. Later he became a Director of The Mother Church. His addresses emphasize the need to demonstrate Christian Science.