Association addresses of Ethel Morse Vol. III


Ethel Morse


93 pages



Association addresses included are:
“Our Unselfed Better Self” – 1980
“To Live and Let Live” – 1981
“Reflection” – 1984

In her 1980 address she writes: “Is there a purer joy, a freer sense, a more right-with-the-world feeling than experiencing real, unselfed, spiritual selfhood? Is one ever more his real self than when true unselfishness rules his thought, heart and action? Christian Science teaches one not only to be unselfish but Scientifically unselfed, and there is a difference. One can be an unselfish, kind, considerate individual but still not have attained that unselfed state which renounces all mortal selfhood for the divine, the spiritual and eternal. ”

In her 1981 address she writes: “The thinking that has produced the unreasonable problems of the day does not have within itself the answer to these problems. The solution must be sought outside this matter-based, personally oriented way of thinking and living. It is through abandoning what humankind has called mind and by acknowledging a higher consciousness ‒ the Mind that was in Christ Jesus ‒ that humanity is empowered to remake itself and rebuild what it calls its world on a just, equitable, harmonious, progressive-because-spiritual basis.”

In her 1984 address she writes: “At a charming refuge described in a real estate brochure as “A Beachcomber’s Paradise,” I have listened and prayed and gathered together those treasures divine Mind imparts when we reach for higher, truer views. I pray that some of these impartations bring to you a clearer, dearer sense of your own individuality as the reflection of the One Altogether Lovely, of that Mind that holds the universe in its grasp. I pray that you feel the strong surge of Spirit typified by the indescribably beautiful, powerful and forever recurring waves of the sea, endlessly breaking on the shore, leaving in their wake small and large treasures, receding in perfect rhythm to allow the opportunity for collecting its gifts, then coming again with fresh power and authority, wiping out the old and bringing the new, the challenging, ‒ sometimes awesome and threatening, but, more often, beautiful and promising.