Association Addresses of Herbert E. Rieke, Vol. I


by Herbert E. Rieke, C.S.B.

123 pages



Association Addresses included are:
“No Big Power Veto” – 1948
“Immortality” – 1949

In his 1948  address “No Big Power Veto” he says:

Love says that there  shall be harmony and peace in your household and there is no force in heaven or earth that can veto this mandate. Your husband has no big power of veto. Your wife, of course, has no such power. Your children are under the same mandate, and your human parents or other relatives are eternally held in this same gospel of Love. There is neither person, place , nor thing that can put a veto on your peace, happiness, satisfaction, and contentment. This is not what should be. This is what is. This is the divine fact that you must accept because it is true.

God says to each of you: “You are one of the happiest and freest individuals in the world;” and everything within and round about you says, “Amen”… Circumstances, situations, and conditions have have no power to invalidate your happiness, for all circumstances, situations, and conditions are in and of God, Divine Mind.


In his 1949 address “Immortality” he says:

Now, every religion and philosophy on earth, except Christian Science, teaches that you and I -everyone- live in a state of mortality. They teach that everyone is born into matter or mortality on a certain day of a certain month of a certain year. The world has accepted this lie as though it were true and has paid the taxes of suffering as a consequence.

Then Christian Science came along and exclaimed: “No, folks, this is all a lie. You are not mortals living in a state of mortality. You are all immortal living in a state of immortality, subject only to the laws and rules of immortality which produce health, holiness, and life eternal.” Is it any wonder that we are all profoundly grateful for this Comforter that has awakened us to the fact that we do not pay the taxes of suffering?