Association Addresses of Herbert E. Rieke, Vol. II – Download


by Herbert E. Rieke, C.S.B.



Association Addresses included are:
“David – How He Overcame Limitations” – 1950
“Marriage and Divorce” – 1951

In his 1950  address “David – How He Overcame Limitations” he says:

To me one of the most impressive facts about the life of David is the example of true leadership. From that example we can learn many helpful lessons today, for just as competent leadership was needed centuries ago to unify the tribes of Israel and Juda, just so competent leadership is needed today in national affairs to unify nations so that peace and true security might reign.

This right kind of leadership is needed, however, not just in national and international affairs but in every phase of human experience. We need intelligent leadership in business, in our schools, in social organizations, in state and local government, in our homes, our Sunday Schools, our Christian Science Monitor Youth Forums, and in our churches.

Unless we challenge error, materiality, with courage, and understanding of its nothingness, in belief we become its servant or slave. We are not demonstrating true leadership when we allow matter to govern us. We are not putting off limitations when we ignore error or run away from it. Let us face error, see its nothingness, and in this way destroy it.

Be willing to think originally. Lay off some of the cumbersome armor of metaphysics that you have not proved. Don’t imitate others. Be yourself. Choose your own weapons — ones that you can understand and use. In this way you will put off a sense of limitation.


In his 1951 address “Marriage and Divorce” he says:

What is the right idea of divorce as taught in Christian Science? Here it is: YOU MUST SEE YOURSELF AS DIVORCED FROM EVERY WRONG CONCEPT OF MAN AND WOMAN. You must see yourself as separated from every unlovely quality of thought in yourself and others. And you must see yourself as wedded to, united with the right idea of both man and woman. All the so-called hell of matrimony comes from the false belief that one is wedded to the wrong concept of companion and separated from the right concept. Remember that neither you nor your patients are ever wedded to human individuals. We are wedded only to our concept of man and of woman. You can have the most beautiful concept in the universe of thought if you want to — that is heaven. If you entertain an unlovely concept of your mate, that is hell.

I hope that from what I have said you can see that this subject of marriage and divorce does not just apply to the companion in the home. It applies to your relationship to your children, to your neighbors, to your social acquaintances, to your relatives, to your employer and even to yourself. We must see ourselves as united with the right concept of everyone — every man and woman — and completely separated from the false concept of anyone no matter what our relationship to him might seem to be.