Association Addresses of Herbert E. Rieke Vol. IV (Download)


by Herbert E. Rieke

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Topics Explored are:

1955 Address:
Proving Our Dominion Over Fear
Demand and Supply

1956 Address:
Conception Unconfined
Effective Metaphysical Work

1957 Address:
Soul Searching of What We Know
Christian Science Treatment
God’s Business

In his 1955  address under “Peace”, Mr. Rieke says:

“In our business and professional life, we have a rich opportunity in knowing the everywhere presence of that peace which passeth understanding. There is sometimes the claim of clashing personalities to handle. In this matter, of course, we go back to the basic fact that there is but one person and that is God. He expresses himself in infinite personality, and reflects these divine qualities of God. Since there is no clash in the one divine person, there cannot be any such thing as clash of personalities, or conflicts among people.

In your business and professional life, do not fight with people, mentally or otherwise. Let them express themselves, you express yourself, and then let divine Mind unfold the right paths to take.”

In his 1956 address under “Conception Unconfined”, Mr. Rieke says:

“Right where you are, Divine Life is giving birth to its beautiful and inspiring manifestation. Life is conceiving of a living creature. Where do you come in? That’s right — you are the living creature, the very manifestation of spiritual, eternal Life.

Right where you are and everywhere, Mind is present, pregnant with ideas, conceiving of the most beautiful thoughts, bringing forth the most inspiring conceptions in regard to all things. You are this divine, compound conception.”

In his 1957 address under “Christian Science Treatment”, Mr. Rieke says:

I know that we are all vitally interested in improving our Christian Science treatments that they may be more effective and instantaneous in results. I would like to consider some important points in regard to giving a Christian Science treatment. On page 454 of Science and Health our Leader tells us, “Remember that the letter and mental argument are only human auxiliaries to aid in bringing thought into accord with the spirit of Truth and Love, which heals the sick and the sinner.” Observe that the mental arguments and the letter of Christian Science do not heal the sick — it is only the spirit of Truth and Love that does the work. But we do not wait for Truth and Love to operate while we sit idly by; we find that through correct mental arguments we can quickly and effectively open the windows of heaven that Truth and Love might shine through and accomplish the perfect work.