Be Fearless of Animal Magnetism – (Download)


by Paul Stark Seeley




A collection of articles focused on handling evil: Be Fearless of Animal Magnetism; Evil’s Will or God’s — Which?; All-Knowing Mind and Know-Nothing Evil; Faith, Negative and Positive; Beliefs Cannot Fasten on Man; Evil Never Identified with Man; Satan’s Fall from Heaven; Wash Thine Heart; Handling Serpents; Evil Is Losing Ground Every Hour; Evil Claims to Have, God Has; Why Do Protective Work?; The Healing Power of God’s Thoughts; The Impotence of Mesmerism; Out of Danger. In the article , “All-Knowing Mind and Know-Nothing Evil,” Mr. Seeley writes: “Ponder the all-knowingness of universal, deific Mind. Realize that it causes all, constitutes all, includes all, governs all, and knows all. Mind knows itself and its universe of ideas. There is nothing else for Mind to know; nothing else is. . . . But evil claims for itself all that God has. It claims it alone knows. But what it calls knowing is no more real knowing than what it calls life is real life. It presents a negative sense of all things, of life, knowing, action, identity, and substance. “The great gulf between the kingdom of all-knowing Mind, in which your individuality securely dwells united to Mind, and the realm of know-nothing evil cannot be bridged. In proportion as we, by the spiritualization of our consciousness, realize our at-one-ment with the former and consequently our complete unrelatedness to the latter, do we find our freedom from the lie that evil knows — knows us, can find us, or can affect us. What Mind knows, Mind contains, and what God contains is beyond evil’s ken. Only the Father knoweth the son.”