Bicknell Young Collection – (Download)


by Bicknell Young




Belief (Reversal, Relapse, Rebound), The Christ Consciousness; Idea; I Am that I Am; Three Letters to Students; The Practice of Christian Science; One Body-One Mind; An Address on Christian Science; Day; Christian Science and The United States of America; Thoughts on Income; God is Individual Consciousness; Miscellaneous Articles; Three Rules for Treatment; Protective Work; Egoism; Letter Excerpts; Time and Age; Body; Fact and Counterfact; Business; Finance

“Belief” and “The Christ Consciousness” explain how to handle aggressive mental suggestion and malicious malpractice. Mr. Young brings out that if we seem to suffer from another’s thoughts, it is not due to what they are thinking about us, but what we think they are thinking about us! An excellent collection of papers.