Christian Science and The Myth of Matter – (Download)


by Ann Beals

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Basic to Christian Science is Mrs. Eddy’s statement that there is no matter. How do we prove this when our senses tell us that we live in matter? It is known now that there is no solid matter as we think of it. Only empty space and charges of energy. The natural sciences have pressed through the visible universe and found it to be as ethereal as a thought. There is no solid matter. Then what is there? Christian Science shows that “all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.” Within the visible universe is an invisible realm which is becoming increasingly evident through scientific discoveries, but the natural sciences cannot define it. Here Christian Science is revealed to be a scientific discovery of the first magnitude, for it accurately and completely defines the structure, nature, laws, and contents of this hidden realm. The Myth of Matter shows how the scientific age is giving way to a metaphysical age. The author writes, “The scientific recognition of the realm of God, Mind, is one of the most significant events in the history of civilization.” She draws on the many books that are today acknowledging the presence of this realm of supreme intelligence to show how scientific discoveries have brought about this theory. Logically the Myth of Matter shows how God, Mind, governs the universe and man through atomic action, verifying Mrs. Eddy’s statement that God “made all that was made and could not create an atom or an element the opposite of Himself.” The book explains how to exchange the material concept of creation for a spiritual viewpoint, and the healing effect this has on the individual. As we come to understand this spiritual realm, we draw upon the healing power latent in it to meet our every need. This book is a recognition of Christian Science as a scientific discovery as well as a religion. It melds together science and religion into one system of metaphysical laws in conformity to Christian Science as Mrs. Eddy gave it to us. So often we accept on faith that matter is unreal, but to actually understand how this is so requires a line of reasoning that explains scientifically how Mind creates and sustains the universe and man. This book enables us to see that there are not two universes – one material and one spiritual – but only a spiritual one that we presently misinterpret to be material. The proof of this comes in the healing results we have when we know there is no matter. The Myth of Matter outlines the prayerful work that frees us of the belief in matter. In reading this book we come to realize that Mrs. Eddy has given us a much deeper concept of reality than we have seen so far.