Christian Science and The Threat of Mind Control


by  Ann Beals

Hard Cover

116 Pages



Christian Science and The Threat of Mind Control

Those students who are familiar with Mrs. Eddy’s teachings on animal magnetism and malicious malpractice, know of her concern for the time when mortal mind would begin to use its latent power to control others through secret hypnosis. Although she wrote and taught prolifically on aggressive mental suggestion and mental assassination, most of her students could not visualize how threatening such mental work would become. But today, we know how discerning she was on the subject, for the threat of mind control is here, taking place in society . The world in general is aware of it, and some suspect there is a relationship between strange, unexplained events taking place and the mind control, or secret hypnosis, that is on the increase. But most alarming is the fact that the uneducated mind has no way of defending itself against mental invasion and mind control.

The threat of secret malicious hypnosis comes from the revival of witchcraft, Satanism, and other occult practices, from modern-day studies of hypnosis, and from the development of scientific technology that can monitor and control the minds of individuals and the masses.

The one means of escape from malicious hypnotism and mind control is through prayer, especially scientific prayer as taught in Christian Science. Those who understand Christian Science can protect themselves from mind control, and counteract its harmful influence.

Protection from Malpractice

Christian Science and the Threat of Mind Control, explains how to find refuge from malicious malpractice in the spiritual realm. It begins with a brief review of the more aggressive forms of mind control active today, including those that take place in our own daily lives. There is a description of the physical, mental, and emotional effects of an occult attack on one being victimized. It then explains how to escape such hypnotic influence through an understanding of Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and the prayer of affirmation and denial. As we turn to Christian Science to resist and overcome malicious hypnosis, we find we can demonstrate our dominion over it.

Protection from the occult in Christian Science works for anyone, anywhere, any time. The malicious mental work by the occult is done secretly. It may involve only one or two depraved minds, or it may be the collective work of many. The prayerful work of the Christian Scientist is also done secretly, quietly, alone with God. While the hypnotic work of the malpractitioner has only his own will-power behind it, the prayerful work of the Scientist has the presence, power, and intelligence of God behind it. Thus, the Scientist can annul and reverse the work of the hypnotist, and prevent its harmful influence from having any effect on him and his world.