Christian Science Class Instruction – (Download)


by Arthur Corey

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In 1945, Mr. Corey published what were considered to be the well-guarded class teachings of Christian Science — teachings that were given exclusively to Church members in classes taught by authorized teachers. Drawing upon notes from the classes of twenty-eight early teachers, as well as other unpublished works, he gives an accurate account of the teaching given in class instruction. His book was published as a protest against the great secrecy that surrounded teaching on Christian Science. He takes the reader step-by-step through class instruction in an orderly and thought-provoking dissertation. The order of his class teachings follows that outlined by Mrs. Eddy: Learning of God through the synonyms, considering man as the reflection of God; seeing body and the universe as spiritual ideas; analyzing error, mortal mind, and animal magnetism; handling different “isms”and “ologies”; treatment and demonstration; practitioner and patient; questions and answers; the church; and finally world salvation. Being based on the notes of classes given by teachers who went through class with Mrs. Eddy, this is an excellent coverage of class teaching. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Arthur Corey was accomplished in many areas, including writing and acting, before becoming a Journal listed practitioner. He was reader in his church in Chicago when he first published his book in 1945. It went through over 14 printings and was widely read. It was banned by the directors of The Mother Church for many reasons. It openly discussed class instruction, an exclusive teaching that had always been confined to classes taught by teachers authorized by the Church. Mr. Cory did not seek official permission to publish it, nor was he an authorized teacher. He wrote it because he believed that Class Instruction should be freely available to all, as his introduction states. The directors could find no fault with his presentation of Christian Science. They objected to it because he published it without the directors’ authorization. One reviewer of the book wrote, “The book follows the traditional pattern of discussing revelation. God, man, body, error, mortal mind, animal magnetism, treatment. It is brilliantly written and quite readable. This is a vigorous and dynamic statement of at least one successful practitioner of Christian Science.” Following the publication of Christian Science Class Instruction, Mr. Corey practiced, taught, and published works on Christian Science independently of the Church.