Christian Science for Today




98 pages



These short essays emphasize how to be more successful in finding healing in Christian Science. They focus on the practical approach to healing through prayer while explaining how, to a large extent, it is our emotions that are often the cause of problems that do not yield to our prayerful work. They were written to help the serious student understand how to progress in Christian Science, and how necessary it is to learn to handle malpractice and animal magnetism.

While strong emphasis is on healing, they also discuss the unseen causes of problems that do not yield to prayer, how to detect and overcome them. The author explains how to handle the belief of evil or aggressive mental suggestion, how to understand the problems that become long-term demonstrations, how essential it is to be aware of the emotions that cause problems that seem to be chronic. She also explains how mental malpractice works and how to protect your thinking from its harmful influence!

This collection of ideas is especially helpful in relating Christian Science to today’s challenges. It will help you rise above the stress and demands of today’s world and find peace through your oneness with God. Included are the following essays:

God’s Plan
The Spiritual Age
“Thy Will Be Done”
The Law of Love
The Law of Separation
The Long-term Demonstration
Mental Purity or Mental Pollution
The Unreality of Evil
Handling Aggressive Mental Suggestion
Handling Malicious Malpractice
Malpractice: Its Detection and Handling
Protecting the Mind against Mental Suggestion
“There Shall No Evil Befall Thee”
Christian Science and the Elements
The Woman in Prophecy
True and False Intelligence
Dispelling the Illusion of Evil
Praying for the World
Alone with God
How Should We Pray?