Christian Science Reveals Spiritual Forces In Action


by Paul Stark Seeley


67 pages



Includes, Christian Science Reveals Spiritual Forces in Action, Christian Science: The Truth that Frees, Christian Science: God’s Antidote for Trouble, God’s Healing Law: What It Is and How It Works, Christian Science and the Kingdom of Heaven, Christian Science: The Revelation of Spiritual Law
Mr. Seeley was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, and attended Riverside Military Academy. He was a graduate of Princeton University and of Harvard Law School. He joined The Mother Church in 1909 and moved to Portland, Oregon. He had Primary Class in 1912, and served as Committee on Publication for the state of Washington. He became a lecturer in 1916, and a teacher after attending Normal Class in 1919. He served as President of The Mother Church, was an Associate Editor of the periodicals from 1943 until 1948. He had the honor of teaching a Normal Class in 1961. He contributed many outstanding articles to the periodicals. Because of his degree in law, Mr. Seeley’s lectures often focus on the spiritual laws of God governing man and the universe. The simple and pure manner in which he expressed his concept of God’s laws operating here and now to bless and heal, opens up horizons of the mind to a new dimension in all things. These lectures are especially helpful to someone new to Christian Science.

In his lecture, The Origin and Power of Thought, he writes, “Some mortals believe that limited, material form is essential to identify a person. So when they seek to identify God, some imagine God must be localized within a limited personality. Jesus used the word Spirit to identify God. Spirit is immaterial, universal, unlimited. How could a limited God evolve a boundless universe?
“One way to free one’s thought of a limited sense of God as humanly outlined, is to think of God as the universal Principle, or basic intelligent source, of all that truly is. In mathematics, we use the word principle and think of it as immaterial, without physical form. The principle of mathematics is universal, naturally defining and governing mathematical thinking wherever this thinking is taking place. To become a mathematician one must think in accord with this principle. He does not see it, but he can always find it as close to him as his thought. So in a more important sense, God is the universal Mind, Principle, the intelligent source and governor of all real thinking. . . All of this I am presenting to help us let go of a limited sense of God and to see something of the unlabored work deific Mind must do as the intelligent source of all true consciousness. If this Mind stopped providing us with intelligence for an instant, we would stop thinking and being. Mind eternally expresses itself in intelligent ideas which form the true consciousness of all that lives.”

In his paper, Christian Science: The Law of Divine Provision, we read: “Mind’s [God’s] provision is primarily in the nature of ideas. That is all that Christ Jesus used for the solution of human problems. He had no medicine kit, no surgical instruments, no accumulation of material wealth, and yet he never had an unsolved problem. From the manger in which he was born, to the garments in which he came forth from the sepulchre, he never had an unprovided need. He healed all manner of disease and solved every kind of problem because he possessed an unlimited supply of God-supplied, Mind-supplied ideas, ideas that would destroy leprosy, blindness, deafness, palsy, insanity, limitation and death. Christian Science is helping us to see that we solve our problems as we dissolve them with spiritual ideas…

“Do you believe that you have a need that Love has not met? Stop such believing. It is a futile denial of Love’s intelligent provision for every need of man. Affirm that as God’s child you have no unmet need, and then proceed to discover in your God-given consciousness the true ideas which Love has provided, wherewith to dissipate the argument of matter that it can impose on you a need that cannot be supplied. Our primary need is not for money or things. It is for ideas, intelligent ideas, with which to put to flight the enemies of sickness, fear, discouragement, inferiority, inactivity, incapacity, and so on. These constructive ideas Love has provided without measure.”