Christian Science Terminology


by Vicki Jones Cole


186 pages



Christian Science Terminology is a new reference book that contains over 400 terms or phrases found in Science and Health, along with definitions or commentary from the textbook explaining the words according to the teachings of Christian Science.

Unlike the Complete Concordance to Science and Health, which contains almost all the words in the textbook, Christian Science Terminology contains only nouns and Biblical names, using a format which focuses on sentences or phrases which offer specific explanations of special terms. For instance, just what do Christian Scientists mean when they use such words as “error,” “mortal mind,” “animal magnetism,” or “matter”? This book groups all the definitions under each term, providing a detailed look at how Mrs. Eddy uses certain words and phrases throughout Science and Health. Christian Science Terminology includes definitions and commentary for each of the seven synonyms for God. An index to the defined terms and phrases is also included.

While there is always a need to bring fresh, contemporary language to our efforts to communicate Christian Science to modern audiences, there is a precision to the vocabulary Mrs. Eddy originally chose for teaching Christian Science that should be thoroughly understood as a firm foundation.
In Christian Science Terminology, you will find some interesting discoveries in this fresh look at the textbook. Seeing the definitions presented as they are, may yield a deeper understanding of each term, as well as providing a way to compare and contrast the way Mrs. Eddy uses similar terms.