Christian Science: The Science of Reality


by William D. Kilpatrick


103 pages



Includes, Christian Science: The Science of Reality, Christian Science: Its Message of Individual Salvation, Christian Science: The Open Door to the Infinite, Christian Science: God’s Law of Freedom and Dominion, Christian Science: The Revelation of the Christ,
Christian Science: Its Logical Interpretation of the Scriptures
Mr. Kilpatrick lectured during the 1930s when lectures were so spiritually enlightening that healings took place during the lecture. Mr. Kilpatrick’s lectures were so deep that he was among the most popular lecturers. Auditoriums were filled to capacity and those thirsting for the Truth would come an hour early to be assured a seat.

In his lecture, Christian Science: Its Message of Individual Salvation, he writes: “To avail ourselves of our true sonship with God, it is necessary that we consciously express those ideas which come from God. In Science and Health, in her definition of Mind, Mrs. Eddy says, ‘God, of whom man is the full and perfect expression.’ Hence, man is God expressed. God is Love. Therefore, Love expressed, is man. Truth expressed, is man. Honesty, purity, kindness, joy, compassion, gratitude, etc., expressed is man. Love unexpressed, is not man. Remember that. Love unexpressed, is not man. In the actuality of being, Love is eternally expressed. In the false human concept of existence, hate often seems to transplant and usurp the place and prerogative of Love, As we gain true manhood, we gain true freedom. Therefore, do you not see how individual the process of salvation becomes, and how, no matter what others may think or do, it is the better part of wisdom to devote our time to expressing those qualities of thought which bring individual freedom from the bondage of the material? Try this expressing business around the home, in your office, in the shop — wherever you may be — and see what it accomplishes. Express joy, happiness, gratitude, appreciation, thanksgiving, consideration for others, patience, forgiveness, gentleness, trust in God and your brother man and the like, and see how the clouds disperse, the skies become blue, and all mankind and nature react to your emotions.

“Don’t measure your endeavors in expression by what someone else may do or think. Don’t make your expression of love, devotion, care, kindness, compassion, tenderness, and the like, dependent upon the attitude of others. Don’t assume the position of meeting others only halfway in your business of expressing God. That will accomplish nothing. What others think or do, is their concern. They have their own salvation to work out. Your concern is to bring yourself into that sense of freedom where you will not be bound by the fetters of poverty, sickness, unhappiness, and the like; and if your freedom from these ills is to be accomplished solely by your own expression of God, you cannot allow your endeavors to be measured, or curtailed, by the opinions, the attitude, or the reaction of others. Your motives may be misunderstood and your efforts scorned, but do not let that deter you. There is no neutral ground. Never compromise with evil or your conscience for the sake of expediency. Simply to refrain from outwardly manifesting hate, malice, jealousy, and the life, will not answer. Your expression of God must be positive. The negative attitude of refraining from expressing hate and malice, while commendable, will not serve the purpose of the positive example of outwardly, actively, and sincerely expressing love, gratitude, patience and the like. Do not suppress or repress nobler qualities of thought. Express them, for in their expression lies your true selfhood.”