Excerpts from Letters To Patients and Students Vol. III – (Download)


by Bicknell Young

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Most of Mr. Young’s papers are directed towards a large audience. But these excerpts from his personal letters bring out the one-to-one help he gave patients, students, and friends. Mr. Young’s letters address the more specific needs of the individual and show how to relate Christian Science to a wide range of problems — problems we all face today. Since Truth is timeless, these letters are also timeless. It is the warm, friendly, practical advice that makes these letters special. He writes to a patient: “Let me admonish you not to take your work too seriously. I do not mean by that, that you should not be in earnest about it, but there must be joy in it, because if the joy is lacking then there is no liveliness in the work, and you would get tired of doing it. Do not forget the essential thing, and this is happiness, because God is Love and there is no other God.”