Experiencing The Presence of God ((Hard Cover)


by Lucy & Joseph Reynolds


94 pages

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The Reynolds focus on the inspirational nature of prayer — the listening from within for the spiritual intuitions that illumine consciousness and heal. These writings explain the difference between the use of human will and the discernment of divine power in finding healing. Human will relies on drive and determination; obedience to the divine will brings the unfoldment of ideas that heal. God’s help comes through the prayerful listening from within for the spiritual ideas that give us healing, direction, protection, and an abundance of good.

In the address, “Experiencing the Presence of God,” we read: “There are never two presences. There is just one presence everywhere. God’s presence does not come and go. If it did, where did it come from and where did it go? That would mean God’s presence was in a locality. But God’s presence is everywhere, and since God’s presence is everywhere, we do not have to go anywhere to be in His presence. . . .

“Let us go up to a windowpane and look through the glass. We see the light shining through the glass. We stand and contemplate the closeness of that light to the glass and note the fact that the light penetrates right through the glass. We note that the light and the glass both occupy exactly the same space at the same time and yet are two different factors. Now, just as the light shines through the window, likewise at this very moment and through all the cycles of infinity, God is right now shining through you. If He is that close — and He is — what keeps you from a conscious realization of His presence?” The paper goes on to answer this question.
This outstanding collection on prayer will be a source of inspiration and unfoldment that you will return to again and again.