Four Association Addresses of Clara Armitage Brown, Vol. II


by Clara Armitage Brown


107 pages



Association Addresses included in Vol II are:

• The law of God & Spreading The Science of the Christ – Address of 1970
• No Retreat, No Defeat & Spiritual Gravitation vs. Material Gravitation – Address of 1969
• Healing Sickness & Mental Malpractice is Unreal, Powerless – Address of 1963
• Spirituality-The Discerning of Evil, The Preserver of Good & Standing Up For Oneself – Address of 1964
Clara Armitage Brown wrote prolifically for the periodicals. Between 1933 and 1971, she had 65 articles published in the Journal and Sentinel. Her addresses are very inspiring in that each one focuses on one subject and covers it in great detail. These addresses are refreshing sources for new and deeper insights into many subjects relating to demonstrating the Science of God.