Introduction To Christian Science

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What is Christian Science?

When Christian Science was first presented to the world, it was greatly misunderstood and attacked by pulpit and press. At that time, spiritual healings were considered miraculous events belonging to the days of early Christianity. This “Introduction” records, “In 1875, the first edition of the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, was published. This book was the initial effort of Mary Baker Eddy to put into words her discovery of the spiritual nature of man and the universe. From the very beginning this book had a strange power. It healed those who read it! Students of this book soon found that, as they understood it, they could not only heal themselves, but they could heal others. As Christian Science spread throughout the world, it left in its wake healings equal to those of early Christianity. And so spiritual healing, as practiced by the early Christians, lived again in the hearts of Christian Scientists.”

Although it has been over a century since Science and Health was published, Christian Science is still greatly misunderstood. This “Introduction” covers four important subjects: Christian Science as a scientific discovery, as well as a modern religion; testimonies of healing and a practical approach to spiritual healing; a brief account of the life of Mary Baker Eddy and a historical sketch of the movement; and the standard of Christian Science. It also corrects many of the misconceptions that are still circulated about this Science. If you are new to Christian Science, you will find this overall view invaluable.