Mans Heritage of Joy – (Download)


by Louise Knight Wheatley Cook




Mrs. Cook’s second book includes: Man’s Heritage of Joy, The Eternal Now, Ministry of Patience, The One-Talent Man, Reflection, Love’s Protecting Power, The Scapegoat, True Relationship, Undismayed, Our Father-Mother God, Waiting Hours, Where Is Your Faith? Seeking First the Kingdom of Heaven From the article “Reflection” Mrs. Cook writes, “. . . let us study the reflection of a rose in a mirror. Probably the first thing which will impress us is the fact that it has no corporeality whatever. Although in shape, size, form, and color it is the exact counterpart of the rose before the mirror, it possesses all these qualities without a single material accompaniment; in other words, it is self-evident that its true substance is not in matter. All the substance it has is what it possesses as reflection. It is not the rose in the crystal vase, but it is the image and likeness of that rose. Is this not also true of man, of whom God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness’? “Continuing our study, we see that there can be in the reflected rose nothing unlike its original. Does it not, indeed, owe its very being to the other rose? If that were taken away could the reflection last for an instant? Has it the slightest power inherent in itself? Is it self-creative? Has it ever for an instant preserved its own identity? While it includes everything which is in the other rose, can it possibly include anything else? Has it the capacity to disintegrate, to crumble, fade, decay, or be destroyed? Since it never at any time maintained its own existence, has it the freedom to end that over which it never had any control? Yet can it be deprived of anything? Could a single leaf fall, unless one fell first from the rose before the mirror? And last, best, and most wonderful of all, are there in reality two roses or one? In answer, we are taught in Science and Health that ‘as a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being.’” For an example of the Christly love that Christian Science rests upon, these articles cannot be surpassed.