Mary Baker Eddy’s Published Writings (1895-1910) “The Yellow Book”


by The Christian Science Research Library
(Christian Science Foundation)
Cambridge, England

Paperback – 535 pages

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Described as a:

Complete Record of

As given in Her Periodicals (1895-1910)
with context and Precise References for Those
Whose Text Is in Prose Works,
Science and Health,
or the Church Manual
and therefore not repeated here

(Includes an APPENDIX Giving the Full Text of
All Mrs. Eddy’s Major Interviews)

Prepared for and Published by the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FOUNDATION
Cambridge, England

This book provides insight as to the sequence of many interesting events concerning the Christian Science Movement from 1895 to 1910. Mrs Eddy¬†used the Journal and later also the Sentinel to print letters to and from her, as well as comment on articles concerning Christian Science in that day’s newspapers. References are made to to Prose Works and Science & Health when applicable.

Some topics include:

A recounting of Mrs. Eddy’s first visit to the newly completed Mother Church.
Replacing human pastors with The Bible and Science & Health and the reasons why.
How Mrs. Eddy arrived at the rules and by-laws of the church manual.
The announcement of the need for Sunday School for children.
The order of Christian Science Services.

And much more.