Mind and Man – (Download)


by Martha Wilcox

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This book expands on Mrs. Wilcox’s basic theme – that all salvation is subjective. She takes this idea to new heights by explaining that all we experience is the mental concept we hold in consciousness. However, she goes much deeper and shows how the concept we have is always the divine concept. To the mortal mind it appears to be material, discordant, disturbing; but to the spiritual consciousness it is always a spiritual idea manifested as a tangible, visible idea erroneously viewed. As we progress in Science and the material mist in thought thins out, we see the visible image that appears as matter to be a divine idea in its true form and color. We achieve this transformation by understanding our oneness with Mind, not by denying animal magnetism or the illusion of a material universe and man. Mrs. Wilcox writes: “In Christian Science we do not deal with things objectively perceived, but with ideas, subjective reflection, which means that all that apparently confronts us must be seen as something we are experiencing within our own mind. . . . “Right practice requires that we deal with our entire experience as a mental experience. The impersonal Word of God, (unfoldment), is what appears to sense as persons and things — the language with which God describes Himself. “Science does not teach that we lift ourselves out of material existence into spiritual existence. There is only one existence, and through Christian Science we lose a material sense of spiritual existence. Christian Science is an interpretation of existence as it really is, identifying all that we are conscious of as an idea of Mind, while the claim is that there is a material body or a human concept to be disposed of. The attempt to dispose of the human as if it were something, is the warfare between Spirit and the flesh. . . . “Are we thinking from the standpoint of Principle and thus entertaining the correct view? Then there will be the appearing more and more of the divine reality, and the disappearing of that which calls itself a human concept.” This book will help focus your prayerful work more on God and your relationship with Him, and with a better understanding of the one Mind, or the divine Principle, Love, the illusion of matter and animal magnetism fades out. The light of this understanding of Truth eliminates the darkness within.