Mrs. Eddy As I Knew Her In 1870


by Samuel Putney Bancroft


95 pages



Mr. Bancroft  writes that the purpose of his book “is to throw some light on the obscurity enshrouding the events which took place in Mrs. Eddy’s life between the years 1870 and 1875. . . During the years 1870-1875 I had the great privilege of meeting, listening to, and conversing with Mrs. Eddy several times each week, and at one time daily, as she wrote a portion of her first book in my home and in the house opposite mine. I was permitted to read many pages of her manuscript, and she frequently read portions to her pupils, of whom I was one.”

He goes on to give a poignant account of her early efforts to establish the Cause, and write and publish the textbook. He includes many of her letters to him, which reveal her tender concern for her students, and her untiring efforts to help them understand the Science she was teaching them. This very readable account of such important years in her life has been recorded first-hand, and with loving respect and admiration for her.
The transcript is in two parts. Part One is his account of the years he knew her. Part Two gives important early manuscripts which she gave to her first students and includes: Questions and Answers in Moral Science — Class of 1870; The Soul’s Inquiries of Man — Written for the Class of 1870; Spiritualism — Class of 1870; Individuality; Mediumship; Personal Sense — Written for the Class of 1875; Questions and Answers in Moral Science and The Science of Man (Revised Copy).