Our Journey Toward True Selfhood


by Frances Thurber Seal





Three addresses

These addresses reflect the understanding of Christian Science that Mrs. Seal had in being the first to take Christian Science to Germany, establishing it there through many remarkable healings. Mrs. Seal writes in her address, “Our Journey Toward True Selfhood”: “It is a glorious experience we have before us, my friends, a great journey we are undertaking. Such a pilgrimage has never been conceived of before by man, for the way and the goal are hidden from mortal sense. Millions of earnest men and women have sought this way, but always their eyes have been blinded by the veil of the belief in matter and sin. Christian Science students need to be on guard at all times, to pray earnestly and strive vigorously to rid themselves of this veil; for the one thing mesmerism leads them to resist above all else, is the recognition of error and the handling of its claims.”

She also states: “Jesus’ every lesson was in demonstration of moral courage and spiritual strength, showing that the human must yield obedience to Spirit, and with spiritual sense gather ideas in Mind to reflect the degree of divine qualities that will meet the test of the adversary. It was their personal, human sense of love for Jesus that his disciples and followers saw crucified. Had this human sense yielded to the spiritual sense, they would in Gethsemane have seen reality, the Christ outside the flesh, without the flesh, perfect in love, above the mist or dream of life in matter.

“There is no record of any claims of sin, disease or death coming to Jesus for healing after the resurrection. He had risen to the point where he was as ignorant of these errors as his perfect Principle, God; yet he still had the investiture of flesh, was still an expression of humanhood; but it was “true humanhood,” hence he was free to go where he would, and no material belief could hinder him. He ate with his disciples and carried on the affairs of human life. . . .

“This is the Son of Man to which you and I must attain. The Son of Man, as represented by Jesus, is not the offspring of the flesh. When we shall have attained to this glorious ‘I and the Father are one,’ we shall still have an ascending path before us; for the highest human concept advancing spiritually must be and is destroying itself in the diviner concept, until the complete ‘baptism of Spirit, or final immersion of human consciousness in the infinite ocean of Love’ is attained.”