Our Secret Weapon – (Download)


by Dr. John M. Tutt

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OUR SECRET WEAPON – Association Address  1944

The first paragraph reads. “A year has come and gone, and again we meet under the war clouds. The brazen throat of war has not ceased to roar. Still we face a world devoted to universal wrack. And again I remind you that with individuals, as with nations, life free and glorified is the outcome of life triumphant, and that life triumphant follows upon life militant.”

A WELL OF WATER SPRINGING UP Association Address – 1948  by Dr. John M. Tutt

The years come and go and mean nothing to the real Christian Scientist except as they are stated in terms of progress. If this year we are wiser, more spiritually minded, more useful, we may well take note of the passage of time, and make it consonant with the “passage from sense to Soul,”(Science and Health p.566:7)