Pauline B. Rader – Association Addresses Vol. III


by Pauline B. Rader


94 pages



Pauline B. Rader Association Addresses included in Vol III are:

• “Christian Science The Final Answer” – Address of 1962
• “Rules and Guides for a More abundant Life” – Address of 1963
• “The Truth Shall Make You Free” – Address of 1964

In her 1962 Association Address titled “Christian Science the Final Answer”, Pauline B. Rader states: “The longer I study Christian Science, the more convinced I become that healings are delayed, or seem in some instances not to appear, because Christian Scientists are not thorough enough in their efforts to replace every suggestion of evil with a divine fact. There is a tendency to feel that, if one hears of error being rampant in a corner of the globe remote from one’s own experience, he can shrug it off as not being his concern. This is far from the fact. Since we know that thought is a power and a force in the world, we should know that any circumstance or condition that comes to our notice, or is presented to us for acceptance, must be dealt with as vigorously and thoroughly as though it were our own experience. The fact is that if we are admitting that error is going on anywhere, and leaving it unchallenged, we are virtually saying that there is some place or some condition where God is not, or does not have power. Such an admission opens the door for error to try to assert itself in some problem that appears as our own. The moment Christian Scientists accept this challenge and meet it, a great change will take place in the world.”


In her 1963 Association Address titled Rules and Guides for a More abundant Life she states:  “Mrs. Eddy mentions the First Commandment many times in her writing. She tells us that Jesus urged the First Commandment and says it may be rendered: ‘Thou shalt have no belief of Life as mortal; thou shalt not know evil, for there is one Life, – even God, good.’
In this same manner we might use all of the other synonyms for God in the way Mrs. Eddy has used Life. We could say, Thou shalt not know evil or experience error of any kind, for there is one Truth – even God. Thou shalt not know hate, or suffering, or despair, for God is Love. Thou shalt not accept the so-called laws of materia medica or suggestions of mortal mind, nor believe in material causes and effects, for there is one Principle, one divine law, one perfect Cause, God, and perfect man the effect. Thou shalt not believe in soul in body for God is Soul. Thou shalt have no belief of matter as substance, for Spirit, God, is the only substance. Thou shalt have no belief in minds many for there is one Mind, even God, the supreme intelligence controlling the universe and man.”


In her 1964 Association Address titled “The Truth Shall Make You Free”, Pauline B. Rader states: “Christ Jesus said, ‘If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free’ [John 8:31, 32].     If you have come here today with any unsolved problem, take your stand right now that you do know the Truth, and that through the reasoning together that we do here your freedom will be apparent to you. What you will hear is the Truth. The degree of expectancy and acceptance on your part will determine the freedom you will experience.”