Pauline Rader Association Addresses Vol V


by Pauline B. Rader


83 pages




Addresses included in Vol V are:

“Our Duty to God, to Our Leader, and to Mankind”- 1968 Address 

“Increasing Understanding for Better Healing”  –  1969 Address

“God’s Requirements”   –  1970 Address 

In the ordinary things of life, we are constantly encountering what mortal mind calls difficulties. They are less likely to occur if we are continually refuting the false suggestions that present themselves to us, whether they seem to be personal or remote. Every erroneous suggestion must be replaced by a right idea. Sometimes one achieves a certain sense of freedom and rests in that. It is like the man referred to in the Bible who built barns to bestow all his goods and the Lord said: “This night thy soul shall be required of thee” (Luke 12:20). In other words, “This night you must gain a spiritual sense and see the unreality of materiality.” We cannot rest in past accomplishments, but must maintain constant alertness in order to progress Spiritward.

The study of Christian Science gives us infinite wisdom, ever-available, but it requires work on our part regarding our ambitions, desires and hopes in order that we may be properly directed. It appears that we should be wiser and more alert than we are at times. We should make actual declarations of Truth and actual denials of error in regard to ourselves, our families, our desires, our homes, our churches, our businesses and our world, in order to gain more dominion.

We are apt to gain a certain point of understanding and achieve some result and then we stop, forgetting that this is only a step. If we have self-satisfaction in one step forward, how can we gain the kingdom of heaven? True satisfaction is not self-satisfaction. Satisfaction is the nature of true being, operating as Mind. It is peace. It is Love unmistakable. It is Principle actually operating as the Mind of the individual. The happiness gained is not to be rested in, because there is no limit to happiness. It must expand and grow, for it is of God. Remember, Mrs. Eddy says (S&H 60:30): “happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul.”