Prophecy and Fulfillment – Association Addresses of 1939 and 1940

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by Martha Wilcox

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Prophecy and Fulfillment – 1939 Address
Topics are:  The Millennium — the “Greater Works”; The Source, Power, and Origin of Thought; No Malpractice; Infinite Ideas — Human Supply; What Is Christian Science Healing?

God, Mind, Consciousness – 1940 Address
Topics are: God, Mind, Consciousness; Aggressive Mental Suggestion; Christian Science Practice.

In the address of 1939, Mrs. Wilcox states in “The Millennium — The Greater Works”: “Only those who have spiritual discernment realize what is taking place and the import of the present time. Those with discernment realize that the world is passing out of one mental cycle, or mode of thinking and living, into another cycle of enlarged thinking and better living, and of spiritual power. When this great moral chemicalization has done its work, we shall find error destroyed, and good only at hand.”