Science and Health With the Key To The Scriptures


by  Mary Baker Eddy

Pocket Edition Soft Cover



Science and Health is the foundation to the study of Christian Science. It is known as the Christian Science textbook, containing the complete statement of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation. It brings to light the hidden meaning of the Scriptures and defines the spiritual laws underlying the healing works of Christ Jesus. Mrs. Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science was a great spiritual and scientific breakthrough. She saw through the veil of matter and discerned underlying the universe and man a spiritual cause creating, governing and sustaining reality. She recorded her vision in this textbook and so opened the way for others to understand the nature of this hidden realm.

In Science and Health, she defines God as: “The great I AM; the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence.” She explains the allness of God and the unreality of evil and matter, and provides a method of prayer that overcomes the fear of evil and the illusion of matter.

She says, “The admission to one’s self that man is God’s own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea. This conviction shuts the door on death, and opens it wide towards immortality. The understanding and recognition of Spirit must finally come, and we may as well improve our time in solving the mysteries of being through an apprehension of divine Principle. At present we know not what man is, but we certainly shall know this when man reflects God.”

From the first edition of Science and Health in 1875, until the final volume in 1910, Mrs. Eddy continued to refine her work until she left us a textbook that places spiritual healing on a scientific basis. In a world that is constantly changing, it is reassuring to have a book that is so in advance of today’s thinking that it needs no changes. It is written for the ages. When you open it, you enter a world of thought that lifts you above discord and confusion into an atmosphere of Truth and Love. You have something stable and permanent to hold to – something that gives you hope and healing, peace and the quiet assurance that comes from knowing God.

The healing that comes from the study of this book, based on the teachings of Christ Jesus, prove the divine origin of Christian Science. The last chapter has many testimonies of healing that came about through reading the textbook.