The Forever Leader (1900-1910)


by Doris Grekel

Hard Cover

600 pages

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PREFACE to The Forever Leader
The Life of Mary Baker Eddy (1901-1910)

IN an early essay Mrs. Eddy said: “The church created, founded and erected on the rock against which the winds and waves prevail not, is the church triumphant, the indwelling temple of God.” Mary Baker Eddy demonstrated this “indwelling temple of God” in her own life, explained it in Science and Health, and, to help her followers make this demonstration, she set forth rules in her Manual of The Mother’s Church, “Mary Baker Eddy’s Church” (Man. 102).

Mrs. Eddy’s sojourn among mortals was devoted to wakening mankind to spiritual life; and the higher she lifted her voice, the louder did error scream lies about her and her blameless life. In one brief answer to the mountains of falsehoods she said: “Above all the fustian of either denying or asserting the personality or presence of Mary Baker Eddy, stands the eternal fact of Christian Science and the honest history of its Discoverer and Founder.”

It is the author’s hope that the honest history in these pages will help the earnest seeker for Truth to find and to follow the Forever Leader, and thus to “rejoice in the church triumphant.”

Doris Grekel
Havilah, California