The Songbird Sings Before the Dawn


by Myrtle Smyth




Mrs. Smyth’s first book presents three of her most popular subjects: Gratitude, Angels, and The Practice. For those who question the healing power of Christian Science in today’s world, her demonstrations restore confidence in the ability to find healing here and now. With each healing, Mrs. Smyth tells how she prayed. For example she says, “I love to think of the songbird that sings before the dawn. We think a bird sings when the dawn comes, but actually the bird sings first, then the dawn comes. The bird sings in the darkest of night. . . . I have learned that in the midst of conflict, when it appears that there is no hope and that misery is the rule of the day, one can find reason to express gratitude. This gratitude is in turn the beginning of the healing of the situation. . . . When we are thankful we put a wonderful power to work in our experience.”

She then gives examples to show how gratitude preceded the healing that was needed, and how it met her needs abundantly in severe circumstances. She assures us that God never fails us when we turn to Him with absolute confidence that He can do all things for us. The love that fills her talks carries over into this delightful book, which offers both instruction and inspiration for doing better healing work.