The Spiritual Dimension

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This book is written for those who are searching for God in a scientific age. For over a century, Christian Science has been known as a religion. But few have realized that it is also a scientific discovery so profound that we are only now coming to understand it in this light. As physicists have pressed ever deeper into the microcosm, matter has disappeared into a non-material realm, bringing about the acknowledgment of an ultimate cause that lies beyond the five senses. But what is the true nature of this cause? Christian Science answers this question by accurately defining this new dimension in spiritual terms. The Spiritual Dimension explores Christian Science as a discovery that will have as great an impact on the natural sciences as did the discoveries of Galileo, Darwin, and Einstein. It shows that the trend of scientific discovery towards a thought dimension in creation will lead to a new age, a Spiritual Age.

Through this illuminating book, Christian Science becomes the most advanced scientific discovery known to man — one that reveals God as the creator who relates intelligently to the universe and man. This book also opens up the little-known fact that latent in this dimension is a healing power that will resolve the problems of humanity that lie beyond the physical sciences. This insight into Christian Science will give you an entirely new perspective of the universe and your place in it.