The True Relationship of God and Man -Association Address of 1947


by Martha Wilcox


65 pages



Includes: The True Relationship of God and Man; The Fallacy of Age; Prayer; The Divine Event.

Mrs. Wilcox urges us to see that “now are we the sons of God,” not mortals struggling to realize our oneness with Him. She writes: “Each of us holds within himself an individual concept of God; in fact, there seem to be as many concepts of God as there are human beings. Many of these concepts are wholly misconceptions. To many of us, God is still a mysterious person dwelling somewhere remote, practically an unknown God. But regardless of the concepts that we hold regarding God, the conception that God has of Himself, in regard to His divine attributes and qualities, is undeniably concrete and definite. God’s conception of Himself is accurate, exact, specific, and definite, and is eternally so. And this full, accurate, exact, specific, and definite conception that God has of Himself is man in God’s image and likeness.”