The Word Made Flesh – (Download)


by Martha Wilcox

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1937 address. Includes: Egoistic Consciousness; All Things are Mental and Spiritual; The Word Made Flesh; The Revelation of True Substance; A New Heaven and New Earth.

In this remarkable address, Mrs. Wilcox explains that Truth understood must be objectified as healing and regeneration. She writes: “Truth must be in concrete manifested form and cannot appear otherwise. Divinity is in evidence as concrete human expressions, which are constantly being transformed by the ideal. . . .

“Truth discerned must have an accompanying concrete manifestation. It is only false sense that says we can know a truth and still not know it in some concrete evidence. The problem of being must be solved in the way that Jesus taught and exemplified. The truth of abundance that appeared in the consciousness of Jesus was expressed in its manifested concrete form, exemplified by him as wine, the tax money, loaves and fishes, etc., thus proving that divinity — reality — was in manifestation as the supply to human consciousness. . . .

“There are some students who insist that truth or understanding can come into consciousness as abstract — that is, without some accompanying tangible expression. This is impossible because infinite Truth is concrete being. To believe that understanding or spiritual insight alone, without accompanying proof or demonstration, is sufficient to deliver salvation, is to follow but one part of Jesus’ teaching and example. Understanding and visible practice or demonstration are a unit and inseparable. They are simultaneous.”