Watches, Prayers, Arguments – (Download)


by Gilbert  Carpenter, Sr. & Jr.




Watches, Prayers, Arguments – ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy

In this age of hypnotic control, mental manipulation, subliminal suggestion, and brain-washing, the victim is often unable to defend himself from mental attacks — unless he understands the power of scientific prayer to block the influence of such mesmerism. The study of Christian Science provides this protection.

Early in her work to establish the Cause of Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy recognized the harmful, sometimes lethal, effects of silent hypnotic work. She instructed her students to handle malicious animal magnetism and aggressive mental suggestion. Workers in her home, supporting her in her work, were expected to pray daily to counteract the malicious malpractice that Mrs. Eddy was meeting. Watches, Prayers, Arguments is a collection of short, powerful treatments written or dictated by Mrs. Eddy for her workers to use in the handling of every kind of mesmerism.

One of the “Watches” states: “Mentally treat yourself that nothing can govern your actions or come to your thought that is not from divine Mind. Be strong there. So many sinister suggestions come to mind, watch! and each day commit yourself to the care of our one Parent, trust Him in all your ways for light to direct your footsteps and wisdom to enable you to separate the tares from the wheat — so that you can judge well between the human or the evil ‘suggestions’ and the good or divine impulse.” Many of these watches are included in the Blue Book, but this complete collection, with an outstanding introduction by Mr. Carpenter, is well worth having.