Samuel Greenwood

Mr. Greenwood, a native of Canada, was a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science in Victoria, British Columbia. He was listed in The Christian Science Journal from 1900-1946. His wife was also a practitioner and teacher. He wrote many articles for the Christian Science periodicals over the years, in addition to his practice and teaching. He also wrote the book, Footsteps of Israel.

In his association addresses, he always emphasizes the fact that we must live Christian Science in our day-to-day experiences if we are to realize healing and be the Scientists that we are capable of being. His writings focus on the many challenges we each face, and are as timely today as when they were written.

We have been fortunate to have seventeen of his association addresses, beginning in 1929 through to his last address in 1946. One of his most outstanding addresses is a booklet of his 1929 address entitled Cause and Effect. Sixteen of his addresses are now published as transcripts in five volumes.