The Bookmark Newsletter V.152          ” The Emerging Age” June 2017


Very dear Friend,


          Many of us have a deep concern over the world-wide changes taking place; many of them of them due to advanced technology. The changes are far reaching and seem irrevocable. This technology is becoming so universal that the cell phone and social media are changing even the poorest parts of the world. What we are witnessing is mankind continuing to awaken from the mental darkness of a previous age. Through this enlightenment millions are rising up out of poverty each year. Communication is dissolving the barriers between countries. We have before us a technological revolution similar to the industrial revolution. And while many felt and still feel that men’s jobs will be replaced by machines, there will always be new fields of endeavor opening up, providing new opportunities.


          Thomas Jefferson could foresee the universal good and the freedom that the Declaration of Independence would bring about. After the Founding Fathers wrote this great document, Jefferson said, “The energy, the faith, the devotion that we bring to this endeavor will light our country, and all who serve it, and the glow of that fire can truly light the world.”


          In this light, it is important that we pray daily for our country, because each day when we read and pray in Christian Science, our spiritual thoughts go out to be become part of a collective healing prayer in world consciousness.


          The power of collective prayer was illustrated to me some years ago and from it I learned that prayer in Christian Science is not confined to handling personal problems, but it is powerful enough to heal world problems.


          If you are alone in doing this work, your work is just as important as that of a busy church member putting together a lesson for Wednesday’s meeting, or practicing the hymns for the next church service. As you read and study this Science of God, your thought goes out to blend with other thoughts and this collective prayer helps to heal a world so in need of spiritual enlightenment. Your thoughts go out to blend with others praying as you are. Such prayerful work will help the world find peace and go forward into greater abundance and freedom.



         In each newsletter, we like to offer you something new and special. We have two new collections by names you may have seen in previous newsletters. Dr. Merriman and Ethel Morse.


          We have a final volume of Dr. Merriman’s featuring two of his addresses. Maybe you are familiar with his writings. So many of our readers have let us know how much they have learned from his association addresses.


        In his 1967 address he says, “A friend of mine asked Mrs. Victoria Sargent what was the most outstanding thing Mrs. Eddy ever said to her. She replied, ‘Man is his obedience to God.’ Obedience would be true reflection; so, obedience and reflection are synonymous. God has no way to show forth Himself, except as man. Man is the crowning achievement, the ultimate being, one with God. This is your true status as coexistence. Mrs. Eddy says, ‘Existence, separate from divinity, Science explains as impossible.’ (S&H 522:10-11) God is primary, cause, and His man, effect, is always secondary. God, being the only source of intelligence, is the only thinker, and man, the effect or reflection of God, can only reflect the thoughts of God, of Mind, by his obedience to God. Jesus said, ‘The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things so ever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.’ (John 5:19) Thus, man is reflection, the pure, perfect manifestation. This is your coexistence. Cause and effect are one. God and man coexist.”


          We also have a final volume of Ethel Morse’s inspiring addresses.


       In her 1967 address she says, “Uncorrected material thinking always comes to a point of frustration and is human will, for matter resolved to its primitive element is human will. Being only a belief, human will or matter must yield to one’s spiritually real, unchanging, successful self hood. It is important to know that there is no such thing as a ‘strong will,’ for there is no such thing as a strong illusion. On the other hand, the idea of Truth is impervious to attack; it is the rock.”


          Both of these teachers go to great lengths in their addresses to explain the need to spiritualize our minds and to analyze and correct what we are thinking. Always the underlying tone in these addresses is how to understand God and yourself in His likeness, and why we need to do this. What thy wrote is so relevant to the human consciousness, and how important it is to move forward into a more inspired understanding of our oneness with God.















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