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August 2018
Very dear Friend,
“When Mrs. Eddy was teaching an early primary class, Martha Bogue, in the class, recorded this statement from her, ‘ . . . the Truth that God is All-in-all and there is no evil, held faithfully by Christian Scientists, will save the world, and it is all that will save it.’ So think how important your prayerful work for the world is today. We can all pray for the world constantly with the declaration, ‘There is no power or reality in evil.’ To declare this is the Truth, is to give the world a strong healing treatment. So let us persistently pray: There is neither power nor reality in evil, for there is no God in it. It has no Life, or Truth, or Love. It has no intelligence. And being without God, it has no power. God is All-in-all, and this treatment cannot be annulled or reversed, for it is the Word of God, and is filled with the power of God’s love.
Let us spend some time to do this prayerful work for the world many times each day. This is a simple prayer. Keep it with you. Declare it with conviction and you will find that you can “make a difference.” You and I may never be able to measure the results of this work, but it can be our gift to the world, when it is done with a deep love for all humanity in its struggle to overcome the evils abroad today.
Now, when we pray for the world, claiming there is no matter, and evil is unreal, the affirmation that God is All and evil is not real is a prayer of great power. It is the Truth, made active in world thought, and it has the same healing power in universal consciousness that our individual prayers have in healing us. You should know, dear friend, that you are not alone in this metaphysical work. Many receive this newsletter and are working along with you. You are one of a large army of metaphysicians, and your prayers are important and much needed. For not too many in the world understand this way of praying, this powerful prayer that we have in Christian Science.”
Ann Beals
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 Association Addresses, Vol. II
Herbert E. Rieke

In our new collection of two of Herbert E. Rieke’s Association Addresses, he presents the following ideas about the need for leadership: “Unless we challenge error, materiality, with courage, and understanding of its nothingness in belief, we become its servant or slave. We are not demonstrating true leadership when we allow matter to govern us. We are not putting off limitations when we ignore error or run away from it. Let us face error, see its nothingness, and in this way destroy it.”

“Be willing to think originally. Lay off some of the cumbersome armor of metaphysics that you have not proved. Don’t imitate others. Be yourself. Choose your own weapons – ones that you can understand and use. In this way you will put off a sense of limitation.”
Concerning Marriage and Divorce he said, “I hope that from what I have said you can see that this subject of marriage and divorce does not just apply to the companion in the home. It applies to your relationship to your children, to your neighbors, to your social acquaintances, to your relatives, to your employer and even to yourself. We must see ourselves as united with the right concept of everyone – every man and woman – and completely separated from the false concept of anyone no matter what our relationship to him might seem to be.
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Herbert E. Rieke
 Association Addresses, Vol.II 
The Comforter
Physics to Metaphysics
by Yvonne Reus
A review of this book by Ann Beals is as follows: “As many of us know, physicists in the scientific community have announced that there is no matter in the universe; all is mind or consciousness. In this book (all in one volume, or separated into three volumes) by Yvonne Reus we have a summary of where we are in this journey. We find that the “new physics” is bringing to light a dimension of the universe that is the source of the energy, life, and creativity of all things. It is a source which holds everything in perfect equilibrium. This suggests a universal intelligence, a “God” as we would say. Eventually it will lead necessarily to the merging of religion and science into one complete explanation of reality. Many physicists are trying to explain this unseen dimension in the universe as a spiritual “Cause.”
Mrs. Reus has written a book that brings out this “new-to- most-of-mankind” discovery. She brings to our attention the wonderful fact that this knowledge of God was known and used in Bible times, though it was thought by most to be miraculous in that age. Prescient men and women, who were highly spiritual, however, healed physical and other difficult situations using their consciousness of this forever-operative science or “God” as a sure solution…
If you would like to read the full review
 Mary Baker Eddy
 The Prophetic and Historical Perspective
by Paul R. Smillie
In the introduction Mr. Smillie writes, “The question advanced by every thinking Christian Scientist in this age is, ‘Why isn’t the Christian Science Movement growing?’ In the first volume of We knew Mary Baker Eddy, Mrs. Eddy is quoted as saying, ‘All the people need in order to love and adopt Christian Science, is a true sense of its founder. In proportion as they have found it, will our Cause advance.'”
He further states, “The only purpose in relating the human events of Mrs. Eddy’s experience is to show how she overcame animal magnetism through the understanding of divine Science, proving man’s spiritual, inseparable relationship to divine Love.”
This book focuses on Mrs. Eddy’s place in history and Bible prophecy revealing her steady spiritual growth through each successive development in her life.
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Mary Baker Eddy
The Prophetic and Historical Perspective
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